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My binge-worthy TV pleasures of 2020

Yes, I watched a lot of TV in 2020...and I'm not mad about it.

I used the good ole boob tube to help de-compressed the massive Covid-19 stress of being at home for days and days, with kids, husband, and an old doggie who needs to be let outside every five minutes.

Instead of traveling across the country for speaking engagements, I traveled through blocks of time, visiting New York during the Revolution, England in a post World War I era, the rugged Rocky's during the building of our great American railroad, and into the future, where super-heros are real (and not always nice).

Over the past several months, I've spent many an hour camped out on the couch, laughing out loud with Alexis and David at the Rosebud Motel.

My time with Al Pacino has re-ignited my long-term interest in the Holocaust (which was originally spurred by a class I took at Idaho State University called the Rhetoric of Hitler and Churchill).

And I've thoroughly enjoyed my many walks down memory lane via all the 80's nostalgia included in more than three different series set in my childhood decade (Stranger Things, The Goldbergs, The Toys that Made Us, etc.)!

Oh the Def Leppard posters, shoulder pads, bangs to the sky, and VCRs!

This week as I've been working on my business "year-in-review" tasks, I randomly had the thought to create a "Best of Quarantine TV" list, since I'd done such a good job of racking up time in-front of my TV as we've been sheltering at home.

Then I giggled at the thought.

Then, I scoffed at it.