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Change Starts with 

Epic Conversation

                                  for status quo and won't be caged. 

Move your                                          passion into action and grow your leadership and influence.

You never settle


  • Professional Leadership Coach

  • Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator


  • Strategic Planner

  • Coaching with Horses Expert

  • Hope Dealer


Sarah will give you the courage, skills and confidence to pursue your goals while working within your natural strengths.

Stacy, Texas

Untitled design-20.png

Sarah is an engaging speaker who grabs the attention of all ages.


Her high-energy and motivating speeches both inspire and encourage those to always stand for what they believe.

Meghan, Montana

SJ_Speaker_CSU (1).jpg

Sarah reminds people to lead as well as encourage other leaders.


Her energy is amazing, and her presentations leave a lasting impression.

AFA Leader Conference Attendee

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