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I help you move passion into anti-average action!


My name is Sarah J. Bohnenkamp

I see possibility everywhere and work with high-achievers who want to move from playing it too safe (comfort zones = average results) to executing in anti-average ways that move mountains. 

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One-on-one leadership and business coaching
(virtual and with horses).

Keynote, panelist, emcee, and workshop facilitation.

Serving local, state and national organizations.


Sarah will give you the courage, skills and confidence to pursue your goals while working within your natural strengths.

Stacy, Texas

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Sarah is an engaging speaker who grabs the attention of all ages.


Her high-energy and motivating speeches both inspire and encourage those to always stand for what they believe.

Meghan, Montana

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Sarah reminds people to lead as well as encourage other leaders.


Her energy is amazing, and her presentations leave a lasting impression.

AFA Leader Conference Attendee

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