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Epic Conversation

About Sarah J.


Sarah is a hope dealer and anti-average advocate


She helps people who want to blaze epic trails and who say "NO!" to mediocre through intensive coaching programs.

Sarah serves professionals who are being called to show up in much bigger ways. Leaders who are looking to re-define the rhythm of their leadership

Sarah stimulates conversations that matter with leaders, entrepreneurs, and global businesses, helping them explore extraordinary strengths and uncomfortable truths so they can be leveraged to shape powerful strategic plans and projects.

Sarah helps her clients move from merely thinking about making an epic impact, and maybe tinkering around a actually 

  • Anti-Average Speaker School
    Anti-Average Speaker School
    Feb 24, 5:00 PM MST – Feb 28, 10:00 AM MST
    Avondale, Avondale, CO 81022, USA
    Intensive speaker school for people who want to go from dreaming about speaking from the stage to doing it!

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Sarah will give you the courage, skills and confidence to pursue your goals while working within your natural strengths.

Stacy, Texas

Sarah is an engaging speaker who grabs the attention of all ages. Her high energy and motivating speeches both inspire and encourage those to always stand for what they believe.

Meghan, Montana

Sarah embodies the best spirit and enthusiasm!

Money can’t buy the things she can teach you!

Sabrina, North Carolina

Sarah reminds people to lead as well as encourage other leaders. Her energy is amazing, and her presentations leave a lasting impression.

AFA Leader Conference Attendee