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Keynotes & Workshops

From keynotes and emcee, to workshop facilitator and panelist, Sarah is one of the most versatile speakers you could have at your next event.

Book Sarah if you're looking for an experienced and powerful speaker who will leave your audience feeling inspired AND equipped!

Past Stages Served


High Energy

Sarah will bring BIG energy to your event. Her dynamic and captivating presence will instantly grab your audience's attention, and KEEP IT.

"I knew I wanted a dynamic speaker who was not only easy to work with, but who would actively involve our staff during the training. 

... She can truly read the crowd and used activities and break-outs to keep the energy high yet focused. Our CEO and several staff made comments on Sarah’s professionalism and dynamic, high-octane personality.


From start to finish, working with Sarah was nothing but easy and smoothShe not only met our expectations but exceeded them!”
Regina Carey,
SHRM-CP VP of Human Resources


Sarah drives epic conversations. She's been a facilitator in adult education for over 20 years, impacting thousands of learners. She knows how to engage diverse, multi-generational audiences and connects well with industries ranging from agriculture to finance.

A collage of phots taken while Sarah has spoken over the years at AFA events


Sarah is a powerful speaker who opens minds and inspires audiences to move from comfort zones to bold action.

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Fresh Approach

Sarah's presentations offer valuable insights, industry trends, and thought-leadership, providing attendees with a fresh and informed perspective.


Sarah has a wide range of topics from which to draw from to serve the unique needs of YOUR audience. From sales and communication mastery to leading change across generations, Sarah can deliver content that resonates, just ask the 150+ audiences she's served. 


Signature Keynotes

Anti-Average LeadershipExplore your personal leadership brand and spend time learning powerful strategic communication and leadership principles that increase your impact (in business, agriculture, or whatever industry you love).

Shift HappensExplore leadership 2.0.   Examine culture-building strategies for an ever-changing world so your organization's leaders can support the next generation of business with courage and confidence.  

SJ_Speaker_CSU (1).jpg

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