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About Sarah

Leadership & Business Coach - Keynote Speaker - Strategic Planner

Picture of Sarah. Black and white. Wearing a black hat and leaning on white barn wall.

Mediocrity is a Choice

Sarah's logo of a horse head and hummingbird in a scalloped circle.
Sarah's logo of a horse head and hummingbird in a scalloped circle.
Sarah wearing an olive green shirt, black hat and a smile, leaning against a barn door

Sarah J. Bohnenkamp is an energizer and edge-pusher.

Her unwavering dedication to strengths-based leadership principles and innovative support systems consistently delivers transformative results for her coaching and consulting clients.

Chief Trailblazer of Epic Conversations

Sarah's journey in developing individuals and organizations spans more than two decades. She has risen through the ranks, from Training Coordinator in the financial industry in Idaho and Arizona to the unexpected role of Chief Operating Officer in the beef industry.

Since 2015, Sarah has led her own coaching and consulting firm based in Colorado, serving clients from global brands to national and state associations, as well as aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs.


Her mission is to bring more love and leadership into the world by helping you to cultivate trust, clarify your vision, boost profitability, streamline operations, communicate better, and nurture leaders within your organization. 

Sarah wearing a yellow sweater leaning up on a large rock surrounded by pine trees.

Momma, coach & horse-lady

Sarah logo of a horse head and hummingbird in a scalloped circle.

Sarah is a momma to two little love bugs, a professional singer (and bad guitar player), and a life-long learner. She enjoys all things horses, chasing cattle and putting her toes in the water as often as she can.

Multi-passionate leader

People developer

Sarah is an expert in adult learning and talent development. She helps you expand your leadership influence and impact.

Hope dealer

Sarah helps you double-down on your belief in yourself.


Jill G, Texas

"Sarah's enthusiasm helped breathe new life into our organization and our programs. She has an awe-inspiring way of challenging the status quo."

Sarah's offers


Private Coaching Programs: Personalized coaching to unlock your leadership potential and achieve your goals.


Engaging Events:

Sarah's dynamic keynotes inspire and motivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression.


High-Impact Workshops: Whether in-person or virtually, Sarah's workshops elevate your leadership and communication skills. 


Organizational Performance Improvement: Harness Sarah's expertise in strategic planning and performance management to drive your organization towards epic success.

Sarah's clients

From agriculture to banking, Sarah serves high-achieving leaders, associations and organizations across North America.
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You Will, Because You Can!

YOU are the answer to your dreams,

Let's put your beliefs and strengths into action.

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