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Leadership & Horses

Sarah offers coaching and workshops with horses as her partners! Equine-guided experiences offer transformative, hands-on learning for leaders and teams.


Sarah's favorite work engages high-achievers with horses. Horses are powerful, non-traditional teachers of leadership and communication.


When working with horses, you must be clear, consistent, and mindful of your body language, tone of voice, and energy. Their responses to your unique brand of leadership can help you uncover blindspots and challenges you develop advanced communication and interpersonal skills. 


Horses are masters at helping you to better understand the impact of your own behavior on others and the experiential learning environment pushes you to new edges in a way traditional classrooms simply can't.

  • Grow trust in yourself and redefine the rhythm of your unique brand of leadership.

  • Step outside of personal comfort-zones so you're more prepared to assist others through trying times.

  • Cultivate deeper trust and stronger relationships with others so you're better equipped to support them.

  • Communicate with more clarity and impact, because you understand communication is often code for leadership.

  • Breed hope and creativity so your teams can thrive, rather than merely survive.

Horses can help you:

The Horses are Waiting for YOU!

Are you feeling called to work with horses?

Round Pen Session

Work one-on-one with coach Sarah and a horse in a hands-on experience where you will tune in to your own unique leadership style and growth opportunities. Practice courage and action taking, and learn by BEING a leader.

Team Workshop

Plan a special day away from the office for your team so they can decompress, learn about each other, and push new edges. Activities engage multiple horses, special team projects and nature.

VIP Strategy Day

Spend the entire day with horses as you map your strategic vision for the next 12-months! Let your creativity flow with expert feedback from four-legged coaches and walk away with confidence and clarity.

"Getting out of the traditional classroom was powerful. I was able to find clarity around my goals and see what's been holding me back. I didn't expect it to hit me this way and it was a day I won't soon forget." 

Tim J., Financial Industry VP

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 3.53.07 PM.png

Note: Horse events do not require horse experience. All work is done on the ground (no riding) and is appropriate for all types of leaders and corporate teams.

"Horses teach us selflessness, responsibility, and leadership. They give us the opportunity to become the person our horse believes we can be."  Unknown

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