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Change Starts with Epic Conversation

Sarah's Anti-Average Lifestyle coaching program inspires people to move beyond mediocre.


 Four anti-average leadership principles:


1-Explore the ABC's of your STRENGTHS.

  • Articulate strengths.

  • Brand strengths.

  • Center all choices and actions on strengths.


2-Be Horse Crazy.

  • Create intense focus.

  • Cultivate courage and curiosity.

  • Construct the perfect environment and consistency for fast-paced performance.

  • Develop discipline, flexibility and willingness to get back on when you fall off.


3-Understand Communication is code for Leadership.

  • Master listening and empathy.

  • Expand the effectiveness of multi-channel communication methods (interpersonal, large group, social media, email, etc.).

  • Build stronger personal and business relationships.

  • Deal with difficult people and situations with greater ease.



4-Borrow Daily.

  • Leverage the reality that everything you need/want, someone else already has (influence, energy, tools, resources, knowledge, etc.).

  • Value sustainability vs. consumption.

  • Explore a "We" vs. "ME" mentality


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What is it like to work with Sarah?

"Sarah empowers people to harness the potential that they don’t even realize they have. She is a fantastic mother and wife, a successful professional, an effective communicator, and all-around one of the most genuine women I have ever met." 

Rachael A.

"I am inspired by Sarah’s enthusiasm, devoted work ethic, determination, and all around, go-getter attitude. I would highly recommend Sarah as a leader, a mentor, or a motivator to any young professional looking to be successful in their future life endeavors."

Sierra J.

"Sarah has vision and energy that is simply unparalleled." 

Vance C.

Solutions Sarah Delivers

Clients come to Sarah to find out how to: 

  • Build courage to push comfort zones and to think differently (i.e. cultivate creatively).

  • Improve discipline, accountability and trust. 

  • Gain efficiency and effectiveness through systems and performance improvement.​

    • Create more consistency

    • Gather required support (materials, resources, tools, creative communication tactics, talent, etc.)

    • Arrange assets to create better flow and efficiency.

    • Re-purpose core beliefs and strengths to create new energy.

  • Become master communicators, including best in the world listeners and presenters (because we all know listening and presenting are NOT elementary skills).

"Wow. Wow. Wow! Sarah helped me see exactly what steps need to come next."

Megan H.

-Leadership Coach

-Keynote Speaker

-Workshop Facilitator

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