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Sarah offers coaching programs for high achievers in leadership and business. 

"As a coach, Sarah asks insightful, illuminating questions that lead you to clarity and action, two assets that build leaders and create legacy.

Laura N., Nebraska


Coach with Sarah

if you want to lead in a bigger way...


Grow Your Impact

Grow your sustainable brand of leadership so you can lead with greater courage, confidence and results.


Improve Communication 

Build executive level communication skills and leverage strategies that break-through the noise and build massive trust


Cultivate Energy & Momentum

Strengthen your discipline toward taking bold steps and living outside your comfort zone so you can reach your goals faster and go farther.


Build Systems of Support

Serve in your sweet spots more often because you've got solid systems in place that help you stay focused and highly effective. 

Coaching Packages

Sarah offers three ways to work with high achievers:

Sarah conducting a coaching call wearing a grey knit dress.

Private Coaching 

Work with Sarah one-on-one so you can make big moves, now.

Sarah standing next to her black horse Smokey at a workshop

Strategy Intensive

Spend an entire day working with Sarah (virtually or at the barn with horses) so you can polish your leadership brand, map your big vision, and create a powerful blue-print for your strategic plan.

Sarah smiling with a tree truck behind her.

Spotlight Sessions

Take an intense dive into your leadership brand and aspirations in 2.5 hours, and walk away with a visual mind-map of ultra-clear targets and system blueprints to help you achieve your big goals. 

Leadership Development

Communication & Marketing

Business Performance Improvement

Relationship Building & Collaboration

Sarah's Coaching Expertise

You will go faster and farther with support!

Sarah wearing a black jacket and jeans, sitting on a wooden stool.

Working with Sarah has been VERY advantageous to our company.


We started out as a “mom and pop shop” so her insights on running a corporation properly have been huge!


Our meetings with her have helped us to have conversations about growth and look more at the big picture.

Cady D., Nebraska

Sarah taught me how to climb mountains!

Kasey W., Iowa

Sarah empowers people to harness the potential that they don’t even realize they have.


She is a fantastic mother and wife, a successful professional, an effective communicator, and all-around one of the most genuine women I have ever met.

Rachael A., Tennessee 


Grow courage so you can help more people.


Leverage your strengths and increase impact.


Get out of your own way so you can achieve NOW.

Let Sarah help you awaken your own freedom and power!


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Don't be in the same place one year from now.

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