Coaching With Sarah  

Change Starts with Epic Conversation

Sarah's Anti-Average private coaching programs are designed for those who know mediocrity is a choice...and going for "comfort" is settling for average.


Since 2015, Sarah has conducted more than 330 coaching sessions, and her clients' success speaks to her effectiveness with six-figure business launches, world-class creative projects, increased employee engagement and impact, quantum leaps in visibility, and more! 

Sarah drives achievement, breeds hope, and builds a path for epic success, for those who choose to be anti-average.


Sarah Helps You:

  • Build courage to push comfort zones and think differently.

  • Improve discipline and accountability.

  • Cultivate creativity and consistency.

  • Create performance efficiencies through online and written systems and performance mastery routines.

  • Design customized training, strategic project, and marketing materials, tools, and resources to help grow visibility and influence.

  • Become master communicators, including best in the world listeners and presenters (because we all know listening and presenting are NOT elementary skills).

Sarah's retreat taught me how to climb mountains!

Kasey W., Iowa

"Sarah empowers people to harness the potential that they don’t even realize they have.


She is a fantastic mother and wife, a successful professional, an effective communicator, and all-around one of the most genuine women I have ever met." 

Rachael A., Tennessee 

"I am inspired by Sarah’s enthusiasm, devoted work ethic, determination, and all around, go-getter attitude.


I would highly recommend Sarah as a leader, a mentor, or a motivator to any young professional looking to be successful in their future life endeavors."

Sierra J., Idaho

Working with Sarah has been VERY advantageous to our company.


We started out as a “mom and pop shop” so her insights on running a corporation properly have been huge!


Our meetings with her have helped us to have conversations about growth and look more at the big picture.

Cady D., Nebraska