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Brand New Trailblazher Podcast!

One day my bff called me the "Chief Trailblazer of Epic Conversations." When I heard the words, I smiled and then wanted to immediately reject her lovely reflection.


Chief Trailblazer of anything?

It was shocking how quickly my inner critic started to shout at me. Who was I to embrace this type of title?

Today, I LOOOOOVE this title and wear it proudly. Because I DO hold space for lots of epic conversations. With clients, friends, strangers on airplanes, horses, and more.

And, I recently got to have an epic conversation with two other actual TRAILBLAZHERS! Jan and Erin who created the Trailblazher magazine and membership network for rural entrepreneurs launched their own podcast TODAY and I'm blessed to be featured in one of three new episodes available NOW!

We go DEEP...talking about trends in saying "NO!" to hustle culture, spirituality, creativity, intuition and more!

I invite you to take a listen and let me know what YOU think. Is this an epic conversation?

I hope you think so!

Talk soon,


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