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Lessons Learned from Cowboys-Part 2 (of 2)

And now for part 2…(click here for part 1)

3) You have to build a strong network of amazing sidekicks.

Doc had Wyatt, Butch Cassidy had the Sundance Kid, Woody had Buzz, Roy Rogers had Trigger, Dale Evans had Buttermilk…I could go on and on listing famous cowboys/cowgirls and their trusted sidekicks.

The lesson here: To be a success, you’ve got to surround yourself with support.

Cowboys know running a ranch takes more than two hands, and life is a whole lot better when you’ve got a strong network of hombres to help get the day’s chores done.

Get a group of hard-working cowboys and cowgirls together and watch out…belly laughs and memorable times out in this wild world are soon to come.

Do you have a strong network of sidekicks?

What kind of support do you need most?

Don’t be an island, share yourself with others and receive wonderful blessings. It makes a life worth living.

“In every cowboy’s life he gets himself a good horse, a good woman, and a good loop!”

4) All serious SOBs own trucks.

Trucks Only! Like a Rock, Built Ford Tough, or yes, even one of those sissy trucks like the Honda Ridgeline I used to drive…trucks are essential.

Cowboys and their trucks are almost as famous as Cowboys and their horses and dogs. Most will defend their choice in brand to the death and they love being the King of the Road.

Ok, I realize not all households need a truck, nor am I suggesting everyone should consider truck ownership, but my translation is this cowboy lesson: If you’re going to “ride for the brand,” you’ve gotta have the right tools.

If you don’t have a reliable way to transport your cattle to market, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best quality beef in town. Do you have the right tools to be serious in your pursuits?

BTW…my first date with my husband was secured ONLY because I drove a truck…lol!

5) Baling twine and duct tape can save the world.

Well, these two farm staples may not be the solution to ALL our earthly problems, but seriously, this cowboy lesson is all about using easy solutions.

We all waste countless hours worrying about issues that can be solved with a few simple ideas and creativity. The cowboy mantra for the day is: Keep it simple, stupid!

What lessons have YOU learned from Cowboys?

Please share your lessons below!

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