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The Rural Woman Podcast

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

It's not always that I get called a rural woman.

A majority of my clients are based in some type of agriculture related business. From cattle to corn, I spend a lot of time in rural areas, serving my clients.

I follow ag issues and topics religiously. I invest hours upon hours learning about the supply chain and regional differences in production. I listen to all sorts of thought leaders about sustainability, traceability, communication, rural policy, and more.

And...I DO identify as a rural woman.

And I also identify as an urban woman. I grew up living in an apartment, and now live in soccer mom USA.

Most of my friends think of me as a rural woman, but many in ag think that I am NOT someone who can wear this badge of honor.

I was excited when I was contacted by podcast host Katelyn Duban and asked to be featured on her Rural Woman Podcast to talk about redefining agriculture. She's a farmer from Canada who was raised in the city, but who now lives rural and raises all sorts of awesomess.

I loved our conversation...and I shared some very controversial views about advocating in agriculture in 2022. Curious to hear what YOU think!

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