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Horses & Storytelling ~ Friday the 13th

Horses have always been my hands-down favorites.

It's a love I cannot describe and I'm so happy to call myself a horse-girl and to say that I've got that horse-girl energy.

I'm a proud horse-lover and I feel blessed to know how much their presence can impact you,

When I can marry my love of horses with my love for helping people do epic sh!t, life gets even sweeter! That's why I'm so excited about the upcoming Friday the 13th...because this is the day I'll get to work with horses and a fall STORYTELLING workshop, along with good friend and collaborator, Cindy Goodburn, at Goodburn Ranch in Parker, CO.

This afternoon event will feature hot drinks and hot takes on what authentic storytelling looks like and feels like.

Stories breathe life into your future. Each tale shapes who we are and where we're headed.

At this event we will share stories with a small group of professionals who enjoy deep conversations of leadership, bravery and impact. We will celebrate the wisdom in these narratives and set intentions for Q4 and beyond, with horses by our side.

YOU can join us to:

  • Reconnect with hidden or forgotten experiences, finding valuable lessons and growth.

  • Harness the strength of your own story to navigate the path ahead.

  • Set intentions and goals for 2024, rooted in your unique narrative.

Reserve your spot now for an enriching exploration of stories, dreams, and ambitions.

Let's craft a powerful 2024 together!

Note: No horse experience is needed! All horse interactions will be from the ground.

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